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#StayAtHome & #DistanceLearning has created fear and other difficult emotions for families and communities. It is important to acknowledge emotions and learn ways to shift them if desired. We can all benefit from simple strategies that change brain and body chemistry to help us feel better. Don't wait. Teach children and adults a simple, yet powerful strategy to decrease stress hormones and naturally increase dopamine, serotonin and more during any challenging situation. 


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Maureen King: Proud CASC School Counselor & Former K-12 Teacher


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Skip the candy and jump straight to reading fun for the whole family. Learn an amazing, self-regulation

Super Power together!

It changes lives.

Everybody Wins with simply better books written by school counselor, Maureen King. 


The first book in Mrs. King's Toolbox Series is I Don't Want to Go to Kindergarten...I'll Miss You Toooo Much. (STORE: Preview or Buy Autographed Books ~15% Off + FREE Media Mail Shipping NOW!)


Although the challenge in this story involves starting kindergarten, we can all relate to emotions experienced prior to any life change such as moving, starting high school, joining a team, etc. Learn a skill that kids and adults will find useful in ANY difficult situation.


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Try these Tools for a Better Life:

1. SMILE! It creates endorphins (chemicals in your brain) that help you feel better!

Kids smiling, Laughter is the best medicine, The simple act of smiling lowers stress hormones and makes you feel better, Smiles are contagious, why not share yours today, Maureen King,  ABCaBetterMe.com, Kids laughing

The simple act of smiling lowers stress hormones and makes you feel better. Laughter and Smiles are contagious… so why not share yours today? It's a Win-Win!




Can children learn to change their thoughts? Absolutely! Positive thoughts create chemicals in the brain that the entire body  responds to. This allows for happiness, health, and better decision making. Every child deserves the gift of the Super Power taught in I Don't Want to Go to Kindergarten...I'll Miss You Toooo Much!

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More Happy Readers!

I love sharing pictures of my readers enjoying I Don't Want to Go to Kindergarten...I'll Miss You Toooo Much! These lucky kids were looking forward to Kindergarten. The birthday boy's mom bought books for all 5 kids at her son's 5th birthday party. She gave them a gift that will last forever. Now they can all enjoy Powering-Up!

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Watch this PBS Kids video showing a simple technique using journal writing to help kids deal with feelings. ~ Don't forget to also check-out my Resources and I Don't Want to Go to Kindergarten pages.