Empower children of all ages with the all purpose, positive mental health strategy ("Super Power") taught in 'I Don't Want to Go to Kindergarten.' Learn how to reinforce this tool so it becomes a life changing habit for resiliency and increased emotional intelligence (EI or EQ). Powering-Up is definitely NOT just for kids!

  • Do you wish you could deal with challenges more easily?
  • Are you looking for ways to help your child or someone else you care about?
  • Do you think, "I don't have extra time OR money for seminars, counseling, parenting classes, or long self-help books?"
  • Have you wondered, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” 



If you answered, “Yes,” to any of these, you ARE in the Right Place!



As an author, school counselor, teacher, and parent (My gosh, that sounds exhausting!) I'm here to help. I will be bringing you videos, my blog, fun learning products, and Simply Better Books that are just what you've been looking for.



Let’s face it. We have all had moments we would relive in a heartbeat as well as challenges we choose to forget. I have learned many strategies that help me make the most of every situation…even the challenging ones. Let me share them with you. Like any new skill, it takes practice, but it gets easier the more we do it.  Make a habit of using the “Super Power” tools from ABC a Better Me.



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CASC: The California Association of School Counselors (Past & Current Member. I presented at the 10th and 18th Annual Conferences of CASC while working as a California School Counselor. I continue to support students and CASC by maintaining my CASC membership following my retirement.)


NEA: National Education Association (Member from 1986 - Lifetime Membership)


CTA:  California Teachers Association (Member from 1986 - Lifetime Membership)


MVEA: Moreno Valley Educators Association (Teacher & Counselor Member from 2000 - my retirement in Dec. 2018)


NDTA: Nuview District Teachers' Association (Teacher Member from 1986 until I changed districts in 2000)


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